Monday, 25 February 2008

What Really Happened to Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez?

Last night on music channel TMF I saw for the first time "The Last Days of Left Eye" which featured footage of her last days in Honduras and includes filming of her driving moments before she veers off the road and crashes. After passing a Coca Cola tin to someone behind her she veers drastically to the left and screams are heard just before the footage cuts off.

You then see an image of the car flipped over yet amazingly the other people she was traveling with all survived. The reports about her death say see was wearing a seat belt but in the clip it doesn't look like she is. I wonder how you could get something like this wrong?

The documentary is very eerie yet enlightening in many ways. For instance the media coverage surrounding her bust up with NFL star Andre Rison was completely distorted to make it look like she was just some crazy girl with a drink problem that just burnt down his house without motive yet she claims that Andre physically and mentally abused her during their relationship which also mirrored her parent's relationship where her father would get drunk and beat on her mother sometimes in front of her.

According to Lopez the night the fire started she was beaten so badly that upon looking at herself in the mirror she barely recognised herself and proceeded to throw Andre's sneaker collection into the bath tub and set fire to them. The fire then started to spread as she stood almost trance like in front of the flames untill her sister pulled her out of the way.

Lisa revels in the film that she had quite a strict upbringing and drank heavily because of this which her fathered never discouraged. And when he was killed in a dispute with a friend it clearly affected Lisa very much. She seemed a troubled soul who was trying to find peace within herself and made regular trips to Honduras in order to cleanse her mind and her body using herbs and practising yoga. She spoke of a doctor she reguarded very highly called Dr. Sebi who would treat his patients with herbs.

Another thing the documentary showed and what I found particulary intriquing yet disturbing at the same time was that Lef Eye showed characteristics of a schizophrenic as she had not one but 2 sepearate personalities she ackonwledged. "Nikki" (her middle name being Nicole) which would come out anytime she was drunk. People say sometimes when you're drunk that they see a "different side" of you. In Lisa case it would definately seem so as she starts refering to Nikki in the third person by saying "everytime I would get drunk this girl would always come around and we'd end up fighting". She then goes on to say she created a third personality "Nina" who would intermediate between Nikki and Lisa.
If that waasn't weird enough I come to find ou this morning as I researched Lisa's death abit deeper that she had recorded music for CEO Marion "Suge" Knight of Death Row Records under the alias "N.I.N.A." which stood for New Identity Not Applicable.

Another weird thing that was shown was in days before her death a car she was riding in hit and killed and young boy crossing the road with his family in Honduras.
She paid all expenses for the funeral and kept the child's shoes saying that she believed the spirit that was chasing her accidently got the wrong person. The child's last name was Lopez.
Lisa believed she was being pursued by an evil spirit and said she had visions and preminitions that she would die young.

The reports on her death are sketchy at best. They say she swerved off the road because she was speeding and trying to overtake a car when another car came at her head on coming the other way. Yet the footage shows none of this and I couldn't help but notice the eerie look upon Left Eyes face as she sits there holding a Coca Cola tin blatantly pointing the image toward the camera. I don't know what this has to do with anything or if it even means anything at all it was just another strange moment in possible one of the strangest programs I have seen on TV for quite a while.
What was she swerivng to avoide? It seemed like there was nothing in the road. Maybe see saw something no one else in that car were able to see.

All I know is this girl was far from the perception put out there by the media and infact she was a very deep and spiritual person who spoke of death not as the end but a continuation of energy into another form. Even though she accomplised so much in her music career so young I think she had alot more to share that is deeper then the music.

She will be soley missed


anastasia said...

that's relly sad what happened to left eye i was watching a show when left eye was on vh1 and that's when she had the care accident it was so sad i was crying it's still sad till this day..

viri said...


~sexy leg~ said...

Man!!!!!!!!!! i am so mad of wat happended to lefy eye.That was so sad.Like the other day i saw every thing that happened to her.In even saw when the car had flipped ova.I saw whe she was put in the ground too.

Unknown said...

I have a VERY strong impression that Lisa knew exactly what she was going to do. She was wearing her seatbelt because she was planning on crasing the car for publicity, perhaps? That look she gives the camera just before she hands the coca cola box to the girl behing her reads, "I am up to something," perhaps? She swerves a fast left for no apparent reason other than she wanted the attention to gain momentum in her career, perhaps? It sure does look that way. Anyone who burns up many pairs of shoes in a bathtub expecting nothing else to catch fire is either stupid or on a mission. I think the latter. I wish someone could have grabbed her by the hand and showed her a different way.

Reginald Richardson said...

She was very beautiful, and I think that her spirituality before she became popular conflicted with practices that are no secret in the entertainment arena. Particularly the practice of one calling on so called "spirits". It should be noted that what these individuals that practice spiritism connect with are demonic forces and not the spirits of people that have died as the spirit goes out and returns to God. So these demonic forces imitate the remembrance of people that have died and are being called upon, and possess or interact with the individual seeking to come in contact. I think that Left Eye's spirituality conflicted with this practice when she was introduced to the concept

brandi said...

Thought I was the only person creeped out by that!

Engelina Osei said...

I believe she was on a high level spiritual ready to move forward in the universe

Kourtney Adair said...

You are totally right ! I feel The same way !